OshKosh Spade Shovels
OshKosh Spade Shovel Our Straight Shovels are made with Ash hardwood handles and special 10-inch carbon steel blades with boron. The blade is forged to our special straight pattern and is then heat-treated . The straps are electrically seam welded to the blade. This shovel is completely straight from end to end. We also offer this straight shovel with a 6-inch blade. Handles are marked with footage marks to indicate the depth of the hole.
OshKosh Tamp Bar
OshKosh Tamp Bar Handles for the Light, Heavy and Extra Heavy Tamp Bars are identical with only the thickness of the steel boot changing. Tampers are used to flatten and smooth dirt, stone, asphalt and other material.
OshKosh Post Hole Digger
OshKosh Post Hole Digger Oshkosh offers Split Handle and Solid Handle Post Hole Diggers. The blades are made of our special alloy steel. The blades are attached by welding instead of riveting making a durable joint with no rivets to shear off. The fulcrum members are made of heavily constructed, channel-shaped steel – no castings. The diameter of the circle circumscribed by the digger blades is about 6 inches. Two bolts hold each handle to the digger head making them easy to replace when necessary.
OshKosh Spoon Shovel
OshKosh Spoon Shovel Oshkosh Spoon Shovels have the same high-carbon steel blades used to make our digging shovels. We use our own special patterns to manufacture the Eastern and Western styles.
OshKosh Pike Pole
OshKosh Pike Pole Pike Poles were designed to aid the practical person in the field using pole line tools. Pike Poles are used to pike or support a pole when setting in the field. The pike is made of special steel made of one piece with upset face which will take the force of the end thrust and distribute it over the entire end of the handle. The ferrule is made of malleable iron. A rivet runs completely through the ferrule, handle and pike to further secure them.
OshKosh Cant Hook
OshKosh Cant Hook Oshkosh Cant Hooks are made with hard maple handles and high-carbon steel hooks which are heat treated for strength and durability. The hook stop is designed to prevent the hook from falling back and damaging the handle. In addition to our standard line of Cant Hooks we offer models that handle smaller size poles.
OshKosh Dig Bar
OshKosh Dig Bar The Digging Spud is well-balanced which means that the weight is distributed properly making it easy to use. The handle is made of steel pipe 1" in diameter for easy gripping. The blade and socket are made of one piece high-grade steel and the tamping head of malleable iron. Both tamping head and blade are shrunk and welded onto the handle, resisting the possibility of either coming off. The blade measures 3-1/2" in width giving it a larger digging surface.


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Lasher Repairs

A-Aerial specializes in cable lasher repairs and servicing. Two day emergency service is available. We also accept you’re dropped or damaged lasher as a trade-in toward a new unit. When sending lashers to us for repair, please include contact information and description of requested repair.

C lasher rebuild cost usually range from $1600.00 to $2400.00.

J2 lasher rebuild cost usually range from $1,800 to $2,600.

Refurbished Lashers

We sell used and refurbished cable lashers. All used and refurbished lashers have a 90 day warranty.

Used C lashers from $2,195

Refurbished C lashers from $2,595

Used J Lashers from $2,895

Refurbished J2 Lashers from 3,450.00

Refurbished J2B (Modified with no strand lock.) Lashers from 3,250.00