Cable Cutter Coaxial
Cable Cutter Coaxial Cable-gripping jaws quickly score jacket and insulation, and easily cut through copper inner conductor. Blades cleanly cut aluminum and copper coaxial cable without compression and frayed ends.
High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers
High-Leverage Side-Cutting Pliers Hinge opening holds and cleans 5/8'' pole line and hardware bolts or threaded rods. High-leverage design. Rivet is closer to the cutting edge for 46% greater cutting and gripping power than other plier designs.
High-Leverage Cable Cutter
High-Leverage Cable Cutter High-leverage design for exceptional cutting capability. Precision, one-hand shearing action. Cable-gripping shear-type jaws.
Bell System Type Wrench
Klein Bell System Type Wrench Similar to standard lineman's wrench, but with the openings sized to NEMA hardware specifications. Large end has 1-1/16" and 1-3/16" openings. Small end has 11/16" and 7/8" openings.
Lineman's Wrench 5/8"
Lineman's Wrench 5/8 For 5/8" hardware Large end has 29/32" and 1-3/32" openings. Small end has 5/8" and 7/8" opening. Forged from special bar steel and heat-treated for long life. Each end has two different size openings. Hole is provided at larger end for turning-in standard pole steps.
Linemen's Wrench 3/4"
Linemen's Wrench 3/4 For 3/4" hardware Large end has 1-1/16" and 1-5/16" openings. Small end has 5/8" and 3/16" openings. Forged from special bar steel and heat-treated for long life. Each end has two different size openings.Hole is provided at larger end for turning-in standard pole steps.
Lowell Lineman Wrench 10"
Lowell Lineman Wrench 10 Ergonomic handle shapes make work more comfortable, Reversing control in head. Bolt-thru design lets bolts pass entirely through sockets and arm head so nuts can be secured on any threaded length.
Lowell Lineman Wrench 12"
Lowell Lineman Wrench 12
5-in-1 Lineman's Wrench 8"
5-in-1 Lineman's Wrench Bolt-through design allows bolts to pass through the socket. 3/4'' and 1'' x 1-1/8'' combination square socket for most common utility hardware. Bright yellow socket for easy visibility. Works on most common utility pole hardware, such as lag bolts, ''C'' clamps and suspension bolts. Offers two popular wrench sizes: 9/16'' and 3/4''.
Lineman's Insulating Box Wrench
Lineman's Insulating Box Wrench The first double-ended wrench on the market to meet the ASTM standard 1000V rating! ''See-through'' handle confirms metal ends are not connected. Textured grooves in handle prevent slipping. 9/16'' and 3/4'' sizes in one tool; 12-point sockets.


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Lasher Repairs

A-Aerial specializes in cable lasher repairs and servicing. Two day emergency service is available. We also accept you’re dropped or damaged lasher as a trade-in toward a new unit. When sending lashers to us for repair, please include contact information and description of requested repair.

C lasher rebuild cost usally range from $1600.00 to $2400.00.

J2 lasher rebuild cost usually range from $1,800 to $2,600.

Refurbished Lashers

We sell used and refurbished cable lashers. All used and refurbished lashers have a 90 day warranty.

Used C lashers from $2,195

Refurbished C lashers from $2,595

Refurbished J2 Lashers from 3,450.00

Refurbished J2B (Modified with no strand lock.) Lashers from 3,250.00