Bashlin Climber Top Straps
Bashlin Climber Top Straps 1 1/16" X 24" top climber straps. They are double riveted and feature a protective buckle shield. Available in neoprene nylon or bioplastic coated webbing that has a leather like texture and flexibility with the wear and strength of synthetic material.
Lineman Climber Pads
Lineman Climber Pads The 150 series leather pad offers comfort for both the shin and the calf. The shank area has thick padding (150TS) or it is available with no padding at all (150T). The leather lugs are securely riveted for long wear.
Bashlin Pole Sling 48"
Bashlin Pole Sling 48 Bashlin's 2011P heavy duty 48" pole sling is designed for easy use with a shotgun stick 4' pole sling with all hardware
Bashlin Pole Sling 72"
Bashlin Pole Sling 72 Bashlin's 2011P heavy duty 72" pole sling is designed for easy use with a shotgun stick 6' pole sling with all hardware
Bashlin Holster
Bashlin Holster This black 5 pocket holster has a double back and top grain russet tool pockets. It is the perfect match for an maverick tool belt.
Bashlin Replacement Gaffs
Bashlin's replacement gaffs are available for pole climbers (14), polished gaffs for CCA poles (14P), and also 2 1/2" for tree climbers (14T). They will fit all Bashlin climbers with replaceable gaffs.
Bashlin Lanyard
 Bashlin Lanyard Bashlin's 2000 Series Lanyards are for fall arrest applications. They feature forged hardware and meet the ANSI and OSHA requirements.
Lowell Linemen 10"
Lowell Linemen 10 Standard 10" Handle (LOW150T). The Bolt-Thru design allows threaded rod to pass thru the socket so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length. 3/4" x 1" x 1-1/8" squares. Reversing Lever at Head
Lowell Linemen 12"
Lowell Linemen 12 Standard 12" Handle. The Bolt-Thru design allows threaded rod to pass thru the socket so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length. 3/4" x 1" x 1-1/8" squares. Reversing Lever at Head
Body Harness Bashlin
"H" Harness with 3" D-Ring attachmant - Fixed Chest StrapOne Size Fits Most. The 3" D-ring can be used with rope snaphooks, web loops, or carabiners.This harness also has a dorsal seat strap and 10,000 lb test web Size XL or larger also available, quoted upon request
Bashlin Velcro Pads
Bashlin Velcro Pads Bashlin's V Climber pads eliminate straps and buckles for easy donning and have a comfortable wrap around padding for comfort. They fit most standard climbers, and are available in the standard "T" design (150V) or with a metal insert for positive climber control.
Lineman Tool Board
Lineman Tool Board Bashlin's tool boards are made of ABS. This light, durable material does not fray or flake and has superior cold weather characteristics. These boards are built and arranged with the worker in mind. They save precious space in the basket, yet keep the tools in a handy position.
Lineman Tool Belts
Lineman Tool Belts The Wrangler has a 5" cushion section, a nylon back, and a 6 ply tongue and buckle section are features of this practical favorite. It is lightweight, with standard comfort features, including Bashlin’s S-shaped "D" rings and an all leather cushion. ALL SIZES
Pole Strap 7'
  Pole Strap 7' Bashlin's 7' pole strap leather straps features a nylon insert. The stitching is deeply imbedded in the leather for longer wear.
Traveling Ground
Traveling Ground The Bashlin 1590C and 336A Traveling grounds reduce the possibility of electric shock due to accidental contact with energized conductors during stringing operations. They are heavy duty units designed for conductors measuring up to and including 336MCM and 1590MCM respectively.
Lineman Tool Belts
Lineman Tool Belt The Floridian has a Superior design and performance make this belt the industry standard. It combines a padded, contour cushion section with flares for the shifting D-rings and 5 1/2" back. This belt gives excellent support and climbing comfort. It is a practical belt with wearable quality which makes it economical.FITS ALL SIZES
Lineman climbers
Lineman climbers The BD14 is Bashlin's aluminum alloy offset climber with a replaceable, forged steel gaff. This lightweight climber reduces fatigue and adds climbing comfort. Comparable steel climbers weigh 30% more. The aluminum alloy construction sacrifices some wearing qualities.


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Lasher Repairs

A-Aerial specializes in cable lasher repairs and servicing. Two day emergency service is available. We also accept you’re dropped or damaged lasher as a trade-in toward a new unit. When sending lashers to us for repair, please include contact information and description of requested repair.

C lasher rebuild cost usually range from $1600.00 to $2400.00.

J2 lasher rebuild cost usually range from $1,800 to $2,600.

Refurbished Lashers

We sell used and refurbished cable lashers. All used and refurbished lashers have a 90 day warranty.

Used C lashers from $2,195

Refurbished C lashers from $2,595

Refurbished J2 Lashers from 3,450.00

Refurbished J2B (Modified with no strand lock.) Lashers from 3,250.00